“The best strategy that each company can implement at the moment is to invest its resources as much as possible in innovation and research”

During a far-reaching crisis, focusing on one’s own training and skills growth is probably the most forward-looking choice.

Thus starts an article that tells two important goals achieved by VED’s CMA in a complex time such as that marked by COVID-19, that is, on the one hand being able to internationalize a service that has always been linked to the national market, on the other, describing a resilient working group, which even in the face of a global crisis as perhaps we could never have imagined, knows how to react with tenacity and stubbornness.

It’s the story of SRS, an acronym for Steel Recovery System, the spearhead of CMA services, for years applied in industrial sectors such as Oil&Gas, chemists, pharmaceuticals, just to name a few. Over the years, thanks to a team of specialized technicians, it has been possible to improve the service from a technical, operational and engineering point of view.

At a time of global crisis and major change, VED’s CMA is committed to a new milestone, the internationalization of the SRS service.

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