Rinforzo strutturale [SRS] soluzione a sottospessori e rotture per linee in pressione

Coating against corrosion as solution.

Corrosion is one of the effects of time that is most evident in steel productions, whether they are pipings, tanks or any other product that is made of this ferrous alloy.

The consequences are very often serious and undesired, beginning with a reduction in steel wall thickness all the way up to cracking and breakage, in the most serious cases.

It is simple to understand how sudden breakage may cause the product being transported and/or contained to leak, resulting in highly critical situations.

Without a structural reinforcement intervention, the sections that are clearly corroded or damaged would require replacement of deteriorated parts, resulting in a waste of resources and the high costs of plant downtime.


The SRS (Steel Recovery System) represents the specific remedy contrasting problems related to loss of thickness and breakage, for lines under pressure this is implemented according to the ISO Standard 24817 and ASME PCC-2.


It makes it possible to rehabilitate equipment and entire lines safely, without stopping industrial plants


Using two-component epoxy resins and reinforced two-directional glass/carbon fibres


The application range is very vast: pipings, structures, valves, tanks, portable tanks, flanged joints, etc…

What are the advantages?

Repairing damaged parts without stopping the plants, with significant savings in economic terms for the customers

Structural reinforcement on tank ferrule


The ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2 regulate the design and application of repairs using composite materials for:

  • Piping
  • Tanks

Respecting the Standards makes it possible to carry out structural reinforcements that are not just simple treatments or interventions, but the final engineering study and in-depth knowledge of the materials.


A team of technical experts faces various problems tied to corrosion, always finding ad hoc solutions.

The result is the dialogue with the customers aiming at:

  1. Analyzing the limits and potentiality of the materials used;
  2. Involving as many experts as possible to be able to resolve the specific requests.

SRS on steel and carbon Tees

Structural reinforcement activity to restore the mechanical characteristics of a line with an operating pressure of 223 and a 80°C temperature