Beginning from its foundation, the CMA division of VED, in its behaviour and its resolutions, has always placed Research & Development at the centre, since they have always encompassed the essence:

people, means and resources to be dedicated to innovation

And this is founded on CMA innovation, investigating and giving value to all of its various facets, from those that are easier to understand and those that are more subtle and complex, but that make a difference as the long history of the Division demonstrates.

Market value of composite materials

Technological innovation

Creating new products and improving existing ones by implementing new standards, using cutting-edge technical instruments.

Structural innovation

Over the years the CMA organization is shaped, adapting to the times and historical requirements that change. Human resources as holders of value and competence to be shared with new generations that become part of the group, where the ultimate goal has always been creating social value on top of profits.

Process innovation

Being able to always keep up with the times, quickly adapting to changes, forming their own business model, allowing the Division to operate efficiently.

Relational innovation

CMA always tries to understand the customer’s in-depth needs, as the main person involved in the project, through a work that includes listening, studying and building a product/service that provides benefits for both. The final result will be satisfaction of those involved, with a firm conviction that professional ethics are the cornerstone that supports their activity, and for those who will benefit from this good/service in the future

Offer innovation

Being focalized on product qualities, the composite, and then developing a series of articles and services connected to it, increasing countless potentialities and applications.

Brand innovation

Today CMA by VED is a brand that is recognised, appreciated, increasingly sought after. The secret? A lengthy task of constantly innovating the product and appearance, which is based on a fundamental promise we made to ourselves from the beginning, “having a clear and distinct vision”. Respecting our own identity while growing, adapting yet not becoming distorted in both principles and values.

“Science and technology have always been closely linked”

New products and new services, based on techniques that are evermore perfected by scientific research, they would never have be possible without progress in sectors such as materials technology, biotechnologies and computers.

For this reason over the years CMA has been able to develop products and services that widened and gave value to the composites market, helping understand the vastness of its applications, such as, for example:

Estratto Atti convegno SAFAP | INAIL

Temporanee riparazioni delle membrature a pressione. Sviluppi sull’impiego dei materiali compositi.


The evolved tunnel technology for a wired city, the tunnel is made of patented prefabricated modular elements, with programmed length and made entirely of FGPR composite.


Reducing dusts and acid micro-pollutants, usually present in gaseous currents, installing a fibreglass Venturi Scrubber, light, with high level mechanical characteristics, capable of resisting the medium-high temperatures of these industrial abatement processes.

Steel Recovery System for leak sealing applications

Rehabilitation of entire pressurized lines without the need to stop industrial systems, significantly reducing the customer’s maintenance costs.