CMA decides in 2020, at the beginning of a decade of change for the whole world and industry, to launch as a first step the current new website and a LinkedIn page for the composites sector, as an interactive network, with two main objectives:

  1. give immediate visibility to content of technical and specialist value
  2. increase sharing. Interact with its customers and those who, thanks to the web and social networks, will approach the CMA Network products/services for the first time

It will be a way to create a community. It is no coincidence that the expression “CMA Network”, precisely to make the idea of a network that creates connections with all those who want to be part of it. This will be a way to receive insights on issues they already know, because they are interested or simply intrigued. There will be room for everyone, we want our CMA community to invitations to interact, comment, share. Forum dedicated to the continuous evolution of applications with composites. Depending on your needs, we will work to expand the functionality of our dedicated website.

The CMA working group is already “social”, to use a very fashionable expression, for a long time now. It has always created content, it compares with its own contacts until today it has done so mainly through its members on LinkedIn. Today he felt the need to also have an official page of the sector that would go hand in hand with what has been done so far. A space where you can introduce business news, illustrate ongoing projects, announce interesting previews. We all know the great added value of being present within a professional network like LinkedIn. That’s why all our news will convey not only within the official website but also in the various feeds of colleagues.

Network – Composites – Industry

Choose to interact with us. Visit the sections of our website and linkedin page, take part in the discussions, comment on our posts, immediately start following us by clicking the “Follow” button.