Over the last ten years, on top of traditional productions such as piping and fittings, new ones have been added, significantly increasing the application fields of products that for decades seemed to be relegated exclusively to the oil refinery industry. Thanks to diversification, into composite structures of various kinds, light, easy to transport and install, corrosion resistant, the industries that we reach have multiplied, in general, helping the composite be understood, and the fiberglass in many specific cases, well suitable to replace traditional metal material productions.

The CMA division of VED has operated in the composite materials sector for many decades by now, a long history that is made of passion, dedication and experimentation.

Main important aspect, get the certifications, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, which confirm CMA focuses on compliance with qualitative and procedural standards.


Made of FGPR non-slip steps, this type of staircase lend themselves to installations where corrosive and atmospheric agents could compromise integrity within a few years. 



These can be made in different types based on surfaces. If applied within gangways, they may also cover the non-slip function.



easy to install, they represent an advantageous solution for reducing maintenance due to aggression from chemical and atmospheric agents.


Stable, easy to install, the are an optimal solution for platforms and corridors within industrial facilities.



There are multiple applications, from simply delimiting the areas where access is prohibited, to focused installation in those areas where electrical insulation is also required, taking advantage of the considerable dielectric properties of fiberglass



In addition to products that are defined as standard, there are a series of other products/structures which are designed, manufactured, and, upon request, installed at the customer’s premises.