Every coating project is its own challenge

The application fields an the equipment are always different, from compressors to heat exchangers, from tube sheets to condensers. In order to satisfy this diversity, coatings are made each time by following ad hoc studies with epoxy based resins that are reinforced and loaded with ceramic particle and special epoxy resins.

Petrochemical industries

Pharmaceutical industries

Electronic industries

Chemical industries

Water treatment

Waste treatment

CMA by VED operates in the field of composites,

an extremely versatile sector that, ranging from aeronautics to construction, from chemical to pharmaceutical, places the division in front of a series of ambitious challenges, which can be summarised in studying and researching innovative, customized and effective solutions.


Finding specific solutions for problems that are not easy to solve pushes the team of researchers and technicians of the CMA division to design and prepare anti-corrosive coatings in order to resist in environments that are subject to chemical contamination.

rivestimento anticorrosivo vasca

The calculation study for the coating operation, done upstream from the same operation, makes it possible for CMA to adopt to the most diverse requirements and finding the correct solution for any type of need.

What are the advantages of coatings?

  • They are able to exceed the intrinsic limits of traditional materials (steels and other alloys in general) with regards to resisting corrosive agents
  • Good resistance to abrasion, a phenomenon that is particularly present in the oil & gas industry;
  • A great obstacle for those attacks that are typical of chemical and pharmaceutical industries;
  • If homogenous, they create efficient barriers against oxidation;
  • They make it possible to extend the life of equipment and/or structures where they are applied, improving chemical resistance.